Mobile Developer & Wedding Cinematographer

A geek in many ways

Hi, I'm Ken! Born and raised in San Francisco, I've always loved eveything tech related whether it be video games, turntablism, or computers. As a kid, I was fascinated by everything. I've never accepted things the way they were without asking myself how. How do DJs DJ? How do websites work? How are apps made? The curious kid in me led me to learn a variety of things, which is why some people call me multi-talented. As time had passed, I've narrowed it down to Mobile Development and Cinematography. Imagine the steps I've gone through to finally make that decision!

Awesome weddings I've filmed

  • Margareth & Avi

    Margareth and Avi's wedding happening in probably one of the best wedding venues I've been to. It was a far drive up north in Walnut Grove, but the Grand Island Mansion was a beautiful location for them. The conclusion of fireworks definitely made the night one of the most memorable weddings I was given the honor to cover!

    Yvonne & May

    Loretta & Ron

    It was a pleasure to witness the marriage of this wonderful couple at the first place they met eachother: Jefferson Elementary School!

  • Rianna & Jae - Same Day Edit

    I was very blessed to be able to pull off my fist same day edit with none other than these two! Rianna and Jae had a beautiful wedding at the huge St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco and The Regency Ballroom. Thanks to my crew for pulling this off! It was tough but all worth it at the end of the night!

    Melanie & Marc

    I've known Melanie and Marc for a while now and I felt very honored when they decided to choose me as their wedding videographers. Their wedding took place in beautiful Treasure Island in San Francisco.

    Gillian & Michael

  • Joelle & Brant

    Bess & Vi

    Ruby & Tony

  • Christina & Burnett

    It was very interesting actually first meeting and shooting Christina & Burnett at their wedding in October 2014! We actually had met through a mutual friend but have only spoke via email until their actually wedding day. This wedding took place in Napa, Vallejo, and San Ramon, California.

    Anne-Marie & Matt

    Meeting Anne-Marie & Matt was actually quite interesting because they were at the wedding of Deirdre and John! Anne-Marie and Matt took place in September 2014 in San Francisco, California.

    Claudine & Ernest

    I was thrilled to be a part of Claudine & Ernest's wedding in August 2014 and be a part of their wonderful story. This wedding took place in Daly City and Saratoga, California.

  • Rachele & Tyson

    Over at the beautiful Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon, California, Rachele & Tyson's wedding touched the hearts of many on this wonderfully sunny day outdoors.

    Courtney & Divvya

    Courtney & Divvya's wedding was filled with joy and laughter surrounded by family and friends throughout the world. This wedding was filmed in the heart of San Francisco.

    Jeanne & BJ

    Jeanne and BJ had their wonderful wedding in the famous Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon, California. It always seems to be a beautiful day outside there every time I film here.

  • Maira & Eleazar

    In Livermore, California, Maira and Eleazar held their wedding at a beautiful winery. This wedding day couldn't be any more perfect for them and their first hours together.

    Deirdre & John

    Deirdre & John got married in sunny San Francisco at St Dominic's Church. It was a perfect day to walk down the Embarcadero, which is just what Deirdre and John did for their first photos and husband and wife!

Coded with love Some apps I've created

  • Pin

    An iOS 8 app to simply share your location. Pin was made with Swift as a response to the infamous "Yo" app that had gotten a lot of attention.

    Should I Bike?

    Originally a web app created by Victor Tolosa, this app simply tells you if it's okay to bike with smart forecast. I wanted to convert this to an iOS app from the ground up.

    Fine Tune

    FineTune is a website that enables you to listen to music as you type for it. Inspired by Google's Instant Search and Feross' YTinstant. Built using the SoundCloud API in about 3 hours.

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